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Animals that begin with the letter B:
Babbler, blackcap mountain (bird)
Babbler, brown
Babbler, rufous-crowned
Babbler, yellow-eyed
Babbler, white-necked
Baboon, chacma
Baboon, hamadryas
Baboon, olive
Babyrussa (mammal)
Badger, American
Badger, Chinese ferret
Badger, Eurasian
Badger, hog
Badger, stink
Bandicoot, brown (mammal)
Bandicoot, eastern barred
Bandicoot, rabbit
Bandy-bandy (snake)
Banteng (mammal)
Barbet, coppersmith (bird)
Barbet, crimson-breasted
Barbet, double-toothed
Barn Owl
Bat, Australian false vampire
Bat, American false vampire
Bat, big brown
Bat, common long-eared
Bat, Cuban flower
Bat, Egyptian free-tailed
Bat, Egyptian rousette
Bat, Egyptian slit-faced
Bat, fisherman
Bat, fish-eating
Bat, flower-faced
Bat, greater false vampire
Bat, greater fruit
Bat, greater horseshoe
Bat, greater mouse-tailed
Bat, hammerheaded
Bat, harpy fruit
Bat, heart-nosed
Bat, hog-nosed
Bat, Honduran disc-winged
Bat, Jamaican fruit-eating
Bat, large Malay leaf-nosed
Bat, leaf-chinned
Bat, lesser horseshoe
Bat, little big-eared
Bat, little brown
Bat, long-tongued
Bat, long-tongued fruit
Bat, mastiff
Bat, Mexican funnel-eared
Bat, New Zealand short-tailed
Bat, Old World sheath-tailed
Bat, painted
Bat, Persian trident
Bat, Philippine horseshoe
Bat, pipistrelle common
Bat, proboscis
Bat, Queensland blossom
Bat, red
Bat, short-tailed leaf-nosed
Bat, smoky
Bat, spear-nosed
Bat, sucker-footed
Bat, tent building
Bat, tomb
Bat, trident leaf-nosed
Bat, tube-nosed fruit
Bat, two-lined
Bat, vampire
Bat, velvety free-tailed
Bat, white
Bat, Wroughton’s free-tailed
Bat, yellow-winged
Bat, yellow-shouldered
Batagur (turtle)
Bear Family
American Bear
Asiatic Black Bear
Big Brown Bear
Grizzly Bear
Polar Bear
Spectacled Bear
Sun Bear
Beaver, American
Eurasian Beaver
Mountain Beaver
Bee-eater, European (bird)
Bellbird, bearded (bird)
Berrypecker, Black (bird)
Bighorn, American
Binturong (carnivore)
Bird-of-Paradise, blue
King of Saxony’s
Bishop, red
Bitten, American
Blackbird, Eurasian
Blackcap, bush
Bleeding-heart, Luzon (bird)
Bluebird, Asian fairy eastern
Bluebird, Mountain
Bluebird, Northern
Boa, contrictor
emerald tree
Boar, wild

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