Disney’s Animal Kingdom Zoo


Lion on the rocks.
Elephants and baby (Loxodonta africana) – Africa.  The African Elephant is the largest land animal.  The large ears help to identify an African Elephant, Asian Elephants having much smaller ears.  The mother elephant will trumpet a call if threatened, always ready to protect the young.  The baby elephant is hairy.
Komono Dragon
Boreal Owl 
Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata) – Mexico to North Argentina, Paraguay and South Brazil.  Their feet have two toes forward and two toes back.
Scarlet Ibis
Malayan Tapir
Persian fallow deer
Hippo and Baby
White-faced Whistling Duck – Tropical South America, Africa and Madagasca.  They have a high-pitched slurred whistle sound.  They will dive for some of their food.
Komodo Dragon



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