Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo
Chicago, Illinois

Lincoln Park Zoo – Chicago, Illinois

Sable Antelope ( Hippotragus niger) – East and Southeastern Africa from Kenya south to Mozambique and Angola.  The horns are about 42 inches long and curve backward.  Notice the large pointed ears.  They have a long tufted tail.  They are dark brown to black with  white on either side of the stripe of brown down the nose.  Their mane usually sticks up The Sable Antelope always looks for water nearby.   The herd is dominated by a large bull.
Grevy’s Zebra are from Africa in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.  In a herd, the zebra stripes blend together so it’s more difficult for predators to see just one individual zebra, so it helps protects them.
This is a White Lipped (Thorold’s) Deer (cervus albirostris) from Tibetand Central China.
Nicobar Pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica) – South Asia, Indo-Australian region, Nicobar Island.   This pigeon is beautiful with it’s metallic green feathers and coppery-red reflections.  The small head, upper neck and breast are dark slate gray with a silvery purple color.  There is a black knob at the base of the bill near the forehead.  They have a hooked bill.  The feet are purplish-red and the claws are yellow.
White-Cheeked Gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) – They live in the tropicalrain forest of Southeast Asia, swinging high in the forest eating fruitsuch as mango, grapes and figs.
Fairy Bluebird (Irena puella) – Southeast Asia
Arabian Oryx (oryx leucoryx) – Found in Oman in east Africa;
Sichuan Takin (budorcas taxicolor tibetana) live in the Himalaya Mountainsand Western China and are related to the musk ox.  “The takin’syellowish coat is believed to have inspired the mythological quest for the “golden fleece””  The takin secretes a strong-smelling, oily substance that protects it from fog and rain.”  “In China, the takin is considered a national treasure.”
Serval (Felis Serval) – Africa – The Serval has long legs which helps them to see over tall grass when hunting.


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