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Oregon Zoo – Portland, Oregon

Lories (Lorinae) – Small Parrots are found from Australia to Tahiti. There are 10 species of Lories at the Oregon Zoo.

Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) – Southeastern Asia, Sumatra, Borneo in the mountains and lowland   forest.  This bear is also called the Honey Bear.  It’s muzzle is short and light in color. The sun patch on their chest is U-shaped.  Their tongue is about 10 inches long, enabling them to get into crevices for bees and insects. On the front paws are very long, curved claws.   The Sun Bear is the smallest of the bear species and is at home in the tropics.



Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) – United States; Michigan and Wisconsin, Canada, Mexico, Eastern Europe: Spain,  Italy Eastern India and Russia.
Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) – India, Indochinese peninsula, Sumatra and Sri Lanka. The Oregon Zoo specializes in breeding AsianElephants.  The baby elephant weighs about 220 lbs. at birth. The Asian Elephant has much smaller ears than the African Elephant. The forehead is flat.  The long trunk has a single process at the tip like a finger and use it to pick up food and other items.  Only the male tusks protrude in the Asian Elephant.  The young learn by example as they watch the mother and other members of the herd.
River Otters (Lontra canadensis) – USA and Canada.  The Otter loves to slide down muddy banks into the water, repeating the fun over and over again.  Their bodies are well adapted to swimming.
Grizzly coming at ya!!  Big Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)  – Mountainous areas of Western United States, Alaska, Russia, Italy and Spain, Asia, France, and North of Himalayas. (Subspecies include the Kodiak bear.




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