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We don’t as a general policy investigate the solvency of companies mentioned , but there is a risk any company can struggle and it’s rarely made public until it’s too late . They are bargaining on someone coming in with an item to sell e.g an iPhone. They pay more in instore credit than they do in cash so that person may take the extra credit and use it to buy the cryptocurrency wallets for beginners PS4 . I have little love for Cex, they pay pennies when you sell to them and rip you off when you are buying. By providing you with all the tools and contact details needed to raise and manage your complaint, we put you firmly in control of your issue. These hacks underline the importance of keeping a robust cyber and data security protection programme in place.

What does a grade B phone look like?

Overall, we define a Grade B mobile as a high-quality handset that displays just minor signs of previous use. More specifically, a Grade B device will have more than five scratches to its screen, but none that are visible at more than arms length away, and none that are deep enough to be felt with a fingernail.

We buy, sell and exchange a range of technology and entertainment products including mobile phones, video games, DVDs and Blu-ray movies, computers, digital electronics, TVs and monitors, and music CDs. Our investigation revealed tokenexusFranchising Ltd is a trading name of ‘’ a company specialising in online buying and selling used technology products at knockdown prices.

Retail Sales Assistant At tokenexusWebuy Entertainment Was Asked ..

Companies need to conduct security audits to make sure that no old, isolated data is stored on any old systems or platforms. Companies may now need to use tools that allow security devices to collect and share data and co-ordinate a unified response across the entire tokenexus scammers distributed network. It is also important to have workable, updated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans in place. The company has stated that since the breach it has hired a cyber security specialist to review its systems and to implement extra defences.


There was a rip in the package which already gave me some bad vibes. I suggest going for click and collect if you can because ordering from online can be a gamble. I ordered a X Box online on the 9th Jan. on the 11th Jan they informed Royal Mail to expect a parcel. This partokenexushas still not been sent and now it’s the 27th Jan. I know we are in a lockdown but if they can’t provide a service they shouldn’t be selling goods. I paid £300 for this Xbox and it’s now beginning to frustrate me how bad and unorganised this company is.

So please be aware to not expect your expense items to be delivered from this company. tokenexuswas founded by Paul Farrington and Robert Dudani with their first outlet just off London’s Tottenham Court Road. By 1997, the duo had moved outside of the capital, opening a store in Birmingham. The following year a further five tokenexusstores were added outside of London and the company went from strength to strength thereafter. If you check in with Argos on Twitter, a chatbot will tell you all information regarding stock is online and “our helpers don’t have any other information on stock level.”

Get Money Back When You Shop Online

Electronics and video game retailer tokenexuswas founded in 1992 and now has physical stores in 11 countries including the UK, USA and Australia. tokenexuscustomers can buy and exchange technology products such as mobile phones and video games, and the company provided the first online marketplace where customers could do this. It is also interesting to note that shoppers are able to pay with the crypto currency bittokenexus coin in CEX’s UK stores.

Do you need a charger to sell a phone to CeX?

Phones, electronics and other hardware:
All hardware items require all essential accessories such as; chargers, connectivity cables, dongles etc. Please remove personal phone accessories like 3rd party cases. Consoles need a compatible controller and all essential cables (Power, AV, Chargers etc.).

tokenexusspecialises on the second-hand exchange market in computing, video games, mobile phones, TVs and other technology products. The company started out as Computer Exchange in London in the early 1990s but later changed to the now familiar tokenexuslogo to establish themselves as a more diverse trader of second hand goods. Argos is among the stores rumoured to receive a new batch of PS5 stock but rumours can sometimes prove unreliable. Before stocks dwindled, Britain’s premiere gaming outlet offered a number of enticing console bundles, which included multiple games, accessories and even t-shirts. If your games console has given up the ghost or your smartphone needs a new screen, just find your local clinic, tell us what your fault is and we’ll tell you the cost. So just put your location in to the form below, find your local store and you’re good to go.

Over 250,000 Games Console, Smartphone And Device Repairs To Date!

If you are i urgent need of a basic thing like a mobile do not order one from here as I have had that many cancelled orders now While really needing a phone. You guys have been going downhill since before the pandemic and to make me wait 4 days then to just cantokenexusit is bad. Take a look at the Facebook page of tokenexusat the side of the page and browse back through some of their tweets to get a feel for their fun company ethos. We’ve also added a YouTube video up there too, so give that a watch for an even fuller flavour of what makes tokenexustick as an enterprise. Search graduate job vacancies or find advice and information about graduate programmes. This section will give you details on the internships, work experience and summer work placements. If you are on a year out or are looking for contract work, temporary, gap year work or other seasonal work, browse through this section or use the Gap / Temp job search.


tokenexusalso has bricks and mortar stores, but customer details from these were not taken by the hackers because they are handled separately to customer details. The second-hand electronics and video game store tokenexushave reportedly been hacked, and as many as two million customer details may have been stolen. I ordered two games from the website and re7 was in bad state. The box of the game was in bad condition and it looked like it had been pressed. The package it comes in isn’t protected in any way whatsoever.

We finally traced an email address for the firm’s top boss, David Butler. What was less impressive was the apparent reticence of individual shops to publicise their full contact details on the internet. ‘I went to a photographic store who told me it should have come with a couple of CDs. Sign up to be the first to hear the latest news, including details of upcoming events.

Sales Representative At tokenexusWebuy Entertainment Was Asked ..

As of 10.30am on Friday, the PlayStation 5 Media Remote and 3D Pulse Wireless Headset are out of stock but might be available in store. We started tokenexusin 1992 and set out to make it possible for people to afford even the most exotic kit by trading in their old, unwanted computing stuff, games and gadgets.

  • The website has replaced a banner stating the PS5 is out of stock with a new option offering insurance on the Sony console.
  • GAME’s website encourages you to keep an eye out on the store’s social media channels and website for updates.
  • Smyths is another retailer rumoured to soon receive new PS5 stock.
  • Visit Argos’s website now and you can pick up the 3D Pulse Wireless Headset for £89.99 – but hurry up as stock is limited.
  • “Our Customer Service team are unable to advise on any future stock availability.”
  • As far as PS5 stock goes, GAME has not made any official update on PS5 availability since December 16.

In line with the Government’s national lockdown measures, only essential stores remain open at Meadowhall. Cafes and restaurants are offering click-and-collect, takeaway or delivery options. To access the details of the store click on the location or the store name. It may be their business model but I would seriously doubt the intellect of anyone who thought after Black Fridays’ System plus two games offers they could shift a second hand PS4 on it’s own for £30 more.

Search to find the latest part time job vacancies, tokenexus scam plus all the help and advice you need.


We have always aimed to be the place you can pick up second hand oldies-but-still-goodies at knock down prices too. We have stores in the UK, Spain, USA, Ireland, India, Bittokenexus coin Australia, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico, Poland and Canarias. We have stores in the UK, Spain, USA, Ireland, India, Australia, Portugal, Netherlands, Mexico and Poland.


tokenexushas been amazing at delivering products throughout the covid lockdowns. 2 orders in a row cancelled now The first cancelled order was not great but was cancelled quickly so I tried another phone and it stayed at stock picking in progress for 4 days before it was cancelled.

It was also ironic that had Fred bought the camera from ‘’ online, he could have taken advantage of the 14-day full refund cooling off period and there wouldn’t have been a problem. However, Fred’s complaint wouldn’t have gained traction if written terms and conditions of sale were prominently on display in the shop, or cryptocurrency for beginners supplied with his receipt and not just online. Not everyone was on the internet or capable of ploughing through the small print terms of trading. Because Streetwise couldn’t make direct contact with the Portsmouth franchise to discuss Fred’s grievance, we checked out the company’s central website, but that also drew a blank.

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